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Tuesday, February 05, 2019

Missionary Visa For An Year | Pakistan's New Visa Regime

Following are the highlights of unprecedented liberalisation of Visa Regime opening up to the World

•    175 countries to receive E-Visa
•    Visa on arrival for 50 countries (earlier they were 24)
•    IATA approved Tour Operators will be allowed to bring tourist groups to Pakistan
•    Canadian and British passport holders Sikhs will be allowed to avail of this facility
•    Business Visa from 68 countries to 96 countries (Business documented would be needed)
•    Work Visa: Pak Missions will issue visas on the recommendation of BOI
•    Family Visit: 5 years Multiple Entry Visa in 7-10 working days
•    Pak Missions will be allowed to grant 5 years validity and one year stay (Multiple) entry visa to foreigners of Pak origin and their spouses
•    Diplomatic Visa: Tenure of diplomatic /official assignment
•    Tablighi visa: 45 days
•    House Aide Visa
•    Student Visa: 02 Years
•    Free movement of foreigners in open cantonment
•    Close cantonments will retain prohibited status
•    Visible signboard to be installed at restricted areas instead of whole district or tehsil
•    Border crossing will be open/non-restricted
•    AJK & GB to be non-restricted
•    Revised list of restricted /prohibited areas

Visa Fees being rationalized

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